The National Travel Center was founded in 2014 to do something meaningful. Today, we are unique in America. Over 30 years of experience on the part of each of several principals, a depth of knowledge, and client requests have led us to dedicate our practice to assisting small towns, rural communities, and scenic and historic routes, to achieve economic development through tourism, and not only survive, but thrive. Operating as a B Corp, we can tailor our efforts and fees to suit each situation to deliver maximum value through both planning and implementation, helping communities and clients use their strengths and resources wisely.

Our Staff

Dr. Maree Forbes Gaughan | Managing Director

Dr. Maree Forbes Gaughan

Managing Director

Dr. Maree Forbes Gaughan is a visionary in tourism and economic development. She brings over 35 years of rich expertise to her latest pioneering work, Tourism: Economic Development for Every Size Community. The guide exemplifies her profound understanding and experience, encompassing virtually every travel...
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Michael Sanders | Marketing Principal

Michael Sanders

Marketing Principal

Michael came to the National Travel Center from the private sector of management and marketing, where the delivery of programs that drive results is imperative. He contributes to each National Travel Center project in a variety of ways: first, by helping to set strategy to achieve the results that clients...
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Dr. Philip Bergey | Organizational Development

Dr. Philip Bergey

Organizational Development

Dr. Bergey understands the challenges of business directly having begun his career in the trenches as a partner in a third-generation family business that had been thriving since 1937. After a decision to dedicate his life to service, he returned to college to study history, theology and ultimately, at the...
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Greg Phillips | Content Principal

Greg Phillips

Content Principal

Greg is an award-winning journalist who has directed and written videos, branded entertainment and case studies for a multitude of clients including American Airlines, CNN and Discovery. As a traveler’s traveler, he has explored the 50 states and more than 60 countries, producing stories from all the continents. To date,...
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Ethan Brown | Experience Development

Ethan Brown

Experience Development

A recent graduate of Pratt Institute with a Master of Science in Historic Preservation, Ethan has been involved in researching and writing histories of people and places in New York City, as well as overseas in Italy.  He was also involved in a multidisciplinary studio that provided design, interpretation, and...
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Ami Blackwell | Public Relations

Ami Blackwell

Public Relations

Prior to moving to travel and tourism, Ami worked as a public relations professional for 20 years, publicizing and promoting music stars in Nashville, Tennessee, and Planned Television Arts in New York, securing placements in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, and Billboard, and television...
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Debra Elliott | Website Developer

Debra Elliott

Website Developer

Debra Elliott is a seasoned website developer with a journey spanning over 15 years in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Beyond her coding abilities, Debra is a passionate small business owner, driving success through innovative online solutions. Debra holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University....
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Debra Brown | Onsite Destination Facilitation

Debra Brown

Onsite Destination Facilitation

Over the past 30 years, Ms. Brown has served as a Tourism Coordinator and Chamber of Commerce Director in addition to working with communities in Washington, Colorado, Montana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, South Dakota, Minnesota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan as a consultant to assist with generating economic development from visitors...
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CFO | Business Management


Business Management

National Travel Center has a behind the scenes business manager who works to help keep things organized, so our very creative and experienced team can continue to produce the highest quality work for clients.
  • Hospitality Management, Atlantic Cape College
  • Former AAA Five Diamond Chef
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