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Embark on an enriching journey with Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community, a hands-on guide that reveals tourism’s potential transformative power on communities and individuals alike. This enlightening book is not just a manual; it’s a beacon for anyone keen on discovering how tourism, far beyond mere travel, serves as a vital engine for economic development and personal fulfillment.

Uncover the secrets of attracting visitors who don’t just pass through but engage deeply, spending in ways that support local businesses and enrich local culture. Learn how to tap into the desires of today’s visitors by offering them experiences that resonate with their quest for authenticity and connection, rooted in your community’s unique story.

Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community goes beyond traditional travel narratives to showcase how tourism can be a sustainable path to economic stability and a higher quality of life. Through real-world examples, it illustrates the shift from destination marketing to destination management, emphasizing the significance of visitor satisfaction in ensuring long-term success.

Whether you’re a small town looking to draw more visitors, a local business aiming to thrive in the tourism economy, or an individual seeking to understand the profound impact of travel, this book offers invaluable insights. It provides a roadmap for success, detailing strategies and practices to expand tourism effectively while also addressing the challenges and opportunities of the modern travel landscape.

Dive into this indispensable resource and discover how to make tourism work for you, transforming your community into a place where visitors come not just to see but to be a part of something truly special. Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community is more than a book; it’s an invitation to join a journey toward a brighter, more connected, and economically vibrant future.

Praise for the Author


“Maree has a deep and nuanced appreciation for tourism in the United States. Her understanding of the complex relationship between cities, towns and the travel industry comes from years of research, critical thinking and conversations with hundreds of stakeholders. She’s an expert on how local businesses, small farms, historical preservation, outdoor recreation and scenic byways can work together to create remarkable visitor experiences that generate vibrant, sustainable economic development.”

– Greg Phillips, GP Creative Media


“Don’t delay in adding this must-own resource to your library. Dive in, and let Maree’s expertise transform your tourism program into a shining beacon that will captivate and delight locals and travelers alike. The time to act is now – purchase your copy today and embark on an exciting journey towards tourism excellence!

– Deb Brown, Founder, Save Your Town

About Maree Forbes Gaughan, PhD

Dr. Maree Forbes Gaughan is a visionary in tourism and economic development. She brings over 35 years of rich expertise to her latest pioneering work, Tourism: Economic Development for Every Size Community. The guide exemplifies her profound understanding and experience, encompassing virtually every travel industry segment. 

Her journey includes a transformative three-year tenure as the head of a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), where she gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of budget management, marketing strategies, and frontline operations. Her decades-long consultancy efforts have dynamically impacted diverse clients, including Economic Development Organizations, Scenic Byway Organizations, State Tourism Offices, and other key stakeholders in the tourism sector.

She is also proud to enlighten future leaders as a Professor of Destination Management and Marketing at Temple University within the Masters of Travel and Tourism program. A prolific writer, she has penned several influential books, articles, white papers, and research summaries that focus on the economic impact of tourism, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and agile strategic planning for sustainable organizational growth.

Celebrated for her ability to weave compelling narratives and visuals that captivate and attract tourists worldwide, Dr. Forbes Gaughan provides a beacon of inspiration in her field. Her work continues to pave the way for sustainable, inclusive growth in communities through the power of travel and tourism.

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Every community needs to know what it has. So often, we hear communities that want to expand tourism lament, believing they don’t have enough attractions to compare with New York, Las Vegas, or the nearest large city. Be assured that big city resources are not needed! This chapter guides readers through conducting a comprehensive inventory of their tourism resources and assets.


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