Developing regional and area driving tours

Develop Driving Tours to Enable Visitors to Explore the Area

The development of scenic and thematic driving tours in which visitors explore a region in their own personal automobile, has been a mainstay of National Travel Center working with small communities to promote their tourism resources, because they are the most effective way to explore what are called “drive in” destinations.  These are places in more rural areas where the attractions are spread out over a larger area and the scenic landscape is worth the drive.

Historic Boyertown

After the major employer in this small town, population 4,800, left, and leaders decided to embrace tourism, research revealed the town was surrounded with 300 historic locations within a 30-mile radius.  National Travel Center developed a series of 9 thematic driving tours that began and ended in town to bring room nights to local accommodations. Each tour covered a different aspect of the intriguing history in the area, ranging from the first iron furnace in the new world that enabled the colonists to break from Britain, the home of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food, and a collection of farms that had been in business for more than 100 years.  This information was the most accessed material on the website.

Travelocity Driving Travel Program

Development of an exclusive travel package collection promoted by Travelocity as Explore “America with the Windows Rolled Down,” to travelers from around the world.

AAA Historic Travel Packages Program

Development of a program of travel packages promoted as “A Renaissance in Driving Travel” by the American Automobile Association.

Pennsylvania PA Experience Collection

National Travel Center developed 3-6 driving tours for each of 24 destinations throughout Pennsylvania to enable visitors to stay in the major town in each area while exploring the landscapes and attractions in the surrounding area.

Greater Phoenix Region

Development of 8 driving tours that generated 4,500 room nights, 90% from international tour operators.

Samsonite Luggage Corporation

Development of a driving travel package collection promoted as Discover America to promote luggage sales.

Kentucky State Tourism Office

Development of driving tours travel featuring Louisville, Lexington, Northern Kentucky and Frankfort, enabling visitors to easily explore these four very different locations.

Charlotte North Carolina Travel Alliance

Development of 31 thematic driving tours to explore the region surrounding the city in response to a mayor’s statement there was nothing for visitors to do in the area.

American Driving Vacations

Development of over 5,000 driving tour itineraries for international visitors served by the company.

American Pathways Trail Development

Development of two thematic driving tour itineraries: Exploring African American Heritage in Virginia, and The War of 1812, promoted by the International Trade Development Administration of the Department of Commerce.

Motor Cities Heritage Area

Development of a collection of driving-based thematic visitor experiences including Woodward Avenue M-1 All American Road to feature the “Driving Capital of the World,” on the Travel Michigan website.

Case Studies

Let’s work together to create a series of thematic and scenic driving tours for visitors to explore your region, while driving room nights to local accommodations.
Download the Sample Scenic Driving Tour.