Visitor Ready Tour Programs

Develop a Comprehensive Tour Program to Feature Your Community

The Principals of National Travel Center have been involved in developing tour programs to attract new visitor markets, which have been successfully marketed globally. 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Overseas Tour Program 

Seeking to deliver an educational program for supporters of the Museum to experience locations in Europe where events actually occurred, the project encompassed (1) research of the key communities and locations themselves, (2) research of related resources and commemorations in several nearby European capital cities, (3) research to determine the needs and desires of the members in terms of program and offerings and, (4) development of high quality, in-depth substantive and moving international educational tour offerings, coupled with uplifting experiences in related locations to balance the trips.  

Experiment in International Living Adult Travel Program  

When the leaders of this very successful international student tour program decided to create an adult travel program, the planning effort included (1) an assessment of potential visitor markets, (2) identification of the target markets that could be most effectively attracted to the new offerings, (3) the experiences that would be required to attract adult travelers, (4) the marketing programs that would be necessary to attract adults, (5) the likely cost structure of the program, and (6) the specific marketing messages needed to generate responses from the target adult visitor markets. 

National Wildlife Federation Expanded Tourism Program 

Focused on supporting the Federation’s operations with a more extensive tourism marketing program, the project included (1) identification of the target markets that could ultimately be attracted to the educational and environmental offerings, (2) identification of the wildlife environments that could most effectively be promoted as tourism offerings, (3) development of a strategy and marketing plan to achieve the goals, while causing the least amount of degradation to the natural environments and wildlife populations, and (4) development of the actual tour experiences to be offered.

Case Studies

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