Travel Packaging for Visitors

Create a Travel Package Collection for Visitors to Explore the Region

Principals of National Travel Center have been instrumental in developing exclusive travel package collections for 20 overseas tour operators booking visitors into the United States.  These packages included nearly 700 different communities throughout America.  

New York State International Package Collection 

The development of 28 travel packages featuring various locations throughout New York State generated 2,182 room nights in 18 months and 20 placements in the permanent sales collections of international tour operators. 

Soul of Virginia African American Heritage 

Development of an extensive travel package collection covering African American heritage throughout the state, including unexpected places such as Southwestern Virginia and the Upper Shenandoah, where the heritage could be explored. The extensive program was promoted through editorial content in the Virginia Tourism Travel Guide to deliver revenues to small museums, attractions, and rural communities throughout the state.  

Dial A Flight UK, The Lotus Group 

Development of an exclusive collection of 39 US self-driving trips promoted to the company’s 4.2 million customers.  

AAA Break Away Leisure Experiences

Development of a collection of travel packages for AAA Clubs throughout the East Coast. 

Blue Ridge Parkway All American Road  

Development of an individual-driving travel package program that generated more than 6,000 room nights in rural areas along the Byway.  

The History Channel  

Development of a special collection featuring two National Scenic Byways in each of the 50 states to support History Channel programming featuring each US state. 

Experience Virginia 

Utilization of a cooperative marketing program grant from Virginia Tourism, development of comprehensive collection of travel packages throughout the state, concentrating the effort in rural areas where tourism was most challenging.  The program ultimately delivered more than 1,000 room nights to the rural regions and hundreds of new travelers to the states Byways and backroads. 

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