Historic District Walking Tours

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National Travel Center has developed historic walking tours from research to website deployment.  

Happy Valley Adventure Bureau) Philipsburg Heritage Tour

Seeking to expand and enhance the economic prospects of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, a historic walking trail was created to introduce visitors to the buildings and homes with interesting histories in the core of town. The effort subsequently included development of four heritage trails transiting the region to encourage travel throughout Centre County beyond State College.  

Historic Bellefonte Walking Tour Development  

Development of three thematic historic walking tours through a town that was the focal point of Pennsylvania history until the capital was located to Harrisburg. The tours included historic buildings dating from the 18th and 19th centuries that line the streets of downtown, complemented with blocks and blocks of historic residences built by the wealthy ironmasters and lumber barons who settled in town to be close to the seat of power.  

Portsmouth, Virginia, Path to History Trail Development

Working within the priorities of the City of Portsmouth to feature the heritage and military artifacts in storage as part of a new tourism offering.  The project included research, definition, and development of a series of thematic trails: Maritime Trail, Military Trail, Early Virginia History Trail, and African American Trail. A selection of artifacts was installed throughout the town to enhance and complement the story of each trail.

Case Studies

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