Let’s Move Things Ahead with A Tourism Jumpstart Package!

Get your community into the tourism marketplace!

We at NTC are doers. We want to help you move things ahead right from the start. It’s not that we can’t and don’t plan; our managing director is an expert in that. Yet, planning can get bogged down, and things never progress. So, instead, we’re offering an inexpensive full-service tourism jumpstart package to get your community into the tourism marketplace and move ahead to attracting visitors. Engage with us within the whole package for $19,000, which saves $3,000 if the components are purchased separately. Split the cost between the Chamber, Tourism, Economic Development, and the City for less than $5,000 each.

The Package Includes:

An Opportunity Assessment Inventory

  • A comprehensive inventory of all visitor resources and assets within a 30-mile radius in and around your community that you can use to attract visitors while they stay overnight in your area
  • The inventory comes complete with contact information for all the included locations, which can be used as the basis of a communication program

$3,000 if purchased separately

A 4-Day Onsite Visit

  • A first impressions process to illustrate how the community appears to first-time visitors, with a focus on the positives
  • Gathering information and stories that enhance the inventory and illustrate the uniqueness of your community
  • Training for your on-the-ground businesses and non-profits on more effectively utilizing tourism to grow their businesses

$8,000 if purchased separately

A Detailed Visitor-Ready American Legacy Itinerary

  • 2-3 Day Itinerary (depending on the size of the community) featuring the best of the best in the community
  • Complete with lodging, dining, and shopping, visitors must do no research before visiting
  • Promotion of the itinerary in the American Legacy Collection online ad at the National Tour Association Travel Exchange

$2,000 if purchased separately

A Completely New Website

  • Incorporating the entire comprehensive inventory coupled with an inspiring story and original copy
  • Dedicated to all things tourism in your region
  • Lets visitors easily discover what your region has to offer on a website that loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and visually attractive
  • Example: https://www.discoverlostrivervalley.com/

$5,000 if purchased separately

Two More Critical Assessments

  • An uncomplicated capacity assessment to reveal the capacity of the community to serve more visitors
  • A competitive assessment that reveals what surrounding communities are doing to attract visitors and why visitors would visit their communities instead of yours

$2,000 if purchased separately

Tourism: The Book Economic Development for Any Size Community

  • Five copies to use with your on-the-ground team
  • A roadmap to developing successful tourism programs
  • Addressing both the opportunities and challenges
  • Two follow-up coaching sessions

$700 if purchased separately

Case Studies

Understand what you need to get your community into the tourism marketplace and move ahead to attracting visitors.
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