Every Destination Can Engage Visitors with a Good Story

Every community has the opportunity to inspire visitors with its unique story.

Everybody loves a good story, and every great destination experience starts with an intriguing and inspiring story. We all live with, stories. We read novels, go to movies, and share stories with loved ones and colleagues. Good stories warm the heart and make us feel uplifted. Stories let us connect with others, as we relate the plot and the action. With little separation between life and work in today’s 24/7 world, engaging with a story is the only way today’s stressed-out Americans can get real relaxation, by removing both the body and the mind everyday life.

Today in tourism circles, reams of professional articles advise – “tell your story.” Yet even though good storytelling is critical for a tourism program to thrive, it is not as easy as it sounds. Yet, when a community’s story is told in an inspiring way, potential visitors will begin to be pulled into the story while they are still reading on the website (or the newspaper or other publication). The sooner people can envision themselves at the destination, or in a community, the greater the likelihood they will arrive.

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