New Book, Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community, Launches to Guide Communities in Economic Growth

June 12, 2024

Tourism Cover


Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community, Launches to Guide Communities in Economic Growth

Lancaster, PA, June 12, 2024—National Travel Center is excited to announce the release of a new publication titled, Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community. Authored by Principal Director, Maree Forbes Gaughan, PhD, the book is now available for purchase on Amazon. The comprehensive guide is designed to help communities harness the power of tourism to improve their economic development and quality of life.

Tourism provides a practical how-to that reveals the transformative power of the travel experience for communities. Beyond being a mere manual, it is a beacon for anyone keen on discovering how tourism, far beyond mere travel, serves as a vital engine for economic development and personal fulfillment. The book comprises 50 chapters that guide readers through the process of increasing visitors, from understanding who today’s visitors are to crafting unique, engaging experiences that resonate with them​​​​.

Dr. Forbes Gaughan shares her expertise and insights, gathered from years of research and conversations with hundreds of stakeholders. She emphasizes the significance of tourism in driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life in communities, regardless of their size. “This book is a roadmap for any small town, small city, or rural community seeking to expand visitors,” says Gaughan. “It provides real-world examples and uncomplicated actions that can be implemented quickly, transforming tourism in your community.”

The book also delves into the economic impact of tourism, providing strategies to measure and maximize visitor spending. It addresses the shift from destination marketing to comprehensive destination management, highlighting the importance of visitor satisfaction for long-term success​​.

About National Travel Center

The National Travel Center (NTC) promotes and supports tourism as a means of economic development. With a deep understanding of the travel industry’s complexities, NTC works with local businesses, historical sites, outdoor recreation areas, and more to create remarkable visitor experiences. For more information, visit NTC’s website.

Notes to Editors

For additional information, review copies, or to arrange an interview with Maree Forbes Gaughan, please contact:

Maree Forbes Gaughan, PhD
Phone: 717-617-2051
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Review copies of Tourism: Economic Development for Any Size Community are available upon request. For high-resolution images and further information about NTC’s initiatives, please contact Maree Forbes Gaughan using the details provided above.