Responding to the desire of the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo to become a major player in island tourism when an all-encompassing facility rebuild was complete, a comprehensive effort included (1) a detailed on location, in-person visitor survey that revealed why visitors of several visitor segments visited the facility and the remainder of their leisure activities on the island, (2) a marketing plan focused on a new “Up Close and Personal” positioning that would reflect experience delivery in the newly constructed facility, (3) creation of a Friends of Bermuda Aquarium to attract donor gifts, and (4) implementation of an international tour program offered to attract nonprofit aquariums, marine-focused organizations, and educational groups to visit and interact with resident experts and the unique natural environment of the island. A decade later, all programs were supporting a thriving, reconstructed facility that enables visitors to view actual marine life in the ocean as it circulates into a massive interior observation tank and back out again and explore a natural environment and gardens filled with creatures native to Bermuda.