When research in Southside Virginia, the location of the school where the original protest that led to the famous legal case Brown vs. Board of Education which resulted in the desegregation of schools throughout America occurred, revealed that there were also a collection of locations where other events in the quest to deliver quality education to African Americans in the region occurred, a project create a trail to include those locations was implemented. The effort included (1) original research in a 10-county area to identify the comprehensive collection of locations still in existence that would tell the story, (2) oral interviews and historical document research to obtain the details surrounding the full story, (3) development of the route of the trail that was ultimately extended to incorporate locations which included innovation in the education women, men, Native Americans, and the disabled, as well as African Americans, (4) development of the text to be used on interpretive signage and included in print materials, (5) incorporation of the material into a comprehensive presentation, and (6) development of a marketing plan to promote the trail from a tourism standpoint and in the media.