When this historic town sought to attract more visitors to deliver economic development and fill their empty storefronts, a marketing effort was undertaken to (1) incorporate creations by art students from Penn State to fill the empty storefronts before they could be filled with new businesses, (2) segment and target the most lucrative visitor markets, (3) development of a marketing plan to enable the community to take advantage of its unique resources, (4) development of three historic walking trails to introduce visitors to the well-preserved community, and (4) development of a program to implement cooperation between lodging and attractions to jump-start the effort. National Wildlife Federation Expanded Tourism Program Focused on supporting the Federation’s operations with a more extensive tourism marketing program, the project included (1) identification of the target markets that could ultimately be attracted to the educational and environmental offerings, (2) identification of the wildlife environments that could most effectively be promoted as tourism offerings, (3) development of a strategy and marketing plan to achieve the goals, while causing the least amount of degradation to the natural environments and wildlife populations.