Working to bring more jobs to an 11-county area in West Virginia, the effort included (1) a comprehensive inventory of tourism assets and resources in the entire region, (2) development of a portrait of current visitors, (3) segmenting and targeting the most lucrative visitor markets, (4) identification of the combinations of the assets and resources to create pre-designed travel packages in the unfamiliar area, (5) calculation of the potential jobs that would be created by an expanded visitor population, and (6) a plan to implement the program. Randolph County, West Virginia Transformation Working to become more known as more dynamic brand, the process included (1) a situational analysis to determine perceptions of the existing brand, (2) a comprehensive inventory of the region’s tourism assets and resources, (3) a SWOT analysis, (4) a market assessment of available visitors, (5) definition of a unique brand and unique selling proposition, (6) selection of target markets, (7) development of marketing strategies for each target market, (8) development of a communication plan, (9) development of a new website to incorporate the entire collection of visitor resources complete with mapping and other useful information, and (10) implementation of a marketing program to recruit additional supporters for the resulting brand “the Heart of West Virginia.”