Seeking to develop a more authentic portrayal of the destination, the project included (1) a comprehensive inventory of the tourism assets and resources within the threecounty area, which revealed over 1,150 in the counties and an additional 60+ available to promote in adjacent areas, (2) identification of five key target markets that would best respond to food and beverage offerings, (3) zip code analysis of visitor records from a selection of attractions to determine the origin of current visitors, (4) geo-targeting of available markets, (5) development of messaging focusing on a sophisticated, authentic, portrayal of the destination, (6) development of specific visitor personas, and (7) development of a strategy and plan to implement the recommendations. Academic Travel Abroad/Smithsonian Travel Program Seeking to expand beyond their traditional European programs into Eastern Europe and Russia, the project included (1) an assessment of the offerings Smithsonian travelers were accustomed to, (2) a comparison of the attributes of those offerings with the quality available in the targeted countries, (3) analysis of the offerings of competitors already selling the markets, (4) the financial potential of the program, and (5) a potential implementation schedule. It ultimately became one of the organization’s most lucrative programs.