Volcanic Legacy Community Partnership Plan Long-Term Sustainability Plan and Implementation Oregon/California

Realizing that revenues were declining and Federal funding could no longer be counted on, an effort to develop a long-term financial sustainability plan revealed the most effective strategy was to establish a free-standing destination marketing and management organization (DMO) not dependent on local lodging taxes. This approach would provide a sustainable funding stream for the Volcanic Legacy Community Partnership the managing entity of Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road for the foreseeable future. Nearly 40 Listen to Learn interviewees indicated robust support for the approach, along with the opportunities and barriers to increasing tourism and detailed research revealed nearly 1270 locations in more than 20 small towns and rural communities along the 500-mile route that could be approached for member and marketing partner programs.

After successful grant preparation and awards, the comprehensive planning and implementation work included (1) a detailed profile of current visitors, (2) a comprehensive capacity assessment revealing that the route could handle $150-$300 Million in visitor spending each year, (3) development of a database of attractions and visitor service locations with complete contact information to support a communication program, (4) development of a new destination story and four detailed visitor ready itineraries, (5) development of a detailed 57 page marketing plan, (6) segmenting and targeting of five substantial target visitor markets, (7) modification of the website to incorporate target market messages, (8) geo-spatial analysis of target visitor markets, (9) implementation of a robust, year-long digital marketing program to attract visitors, (10) development of a video illustrating 24 unique volcanic sites along the route, (11) development of a detailed plan to recruit members and marketing partners and (12) implementation of a digital marketing effort to generate members and marketing partners, (13) development of a presentation illustrating the economic impact of the marketing efforts for municipalities to generate funding based on the economic impact to be generated, (14) addition of member conversion capabilities to the website, and (15) year-long support of initial operations.